"Rebirth" is a powerful and deeply personal artwork that encapsulates the artist's journey to rediscover her identity and roots. The piece represents the artist's emotional and spiritual process of finding herself after feeling lost, and it serves as a visual narrative of her introspective exploration.
The central symbol in "Rebirth" is the pomegranate, which holds deep cultural and personal significance for the artist. This fruit represents rebirth, fertility, and the interconnectedness of past, present, and future in many cultures. The artist delves into her memories, particularly those connected to her late grandfather, a farmer who cultivated pomegranates. His legacy and the symbolism of the pomegranate play a crucial role in the artist's journey back to her heritage and sense of self.
Through the exploration of her memories and familial ties, the artist rediscovers the profound symbolism and meaning of the pomegranate, ultimately finding a deep connection to her own identity. The layered and textured elements in the artwork convey the complexity of her emotional and cultural experiences, while the vibrant colors and organic shapes reflect the vitality and renewal that she has found.
"Rebirth" is a testament to the universal human experience of seeking belonging, connection, and self-discovery. The artist's journey resonates with viewers, inviting them to reflect on their own quests for identity and renewal. In essence, the artwork serves as a visual chronicle of the artist's emotional and spiritual rebirth, while also offering a contemplative experience for the audience.​​​​​​​
the artist Raghad meticulously curated the collage by hand and then digitized it to create a poster that was printed locally using high-quality "polypropylene" paper. This material is waterproof, matte, and resistant to tearing or crumpling.
The artwork is sized A0 and was created in 2020.

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